Fathers Day + Tupac Movie = Good Weekend!

Are you excited! Yes, I know you are!  The movie of the Summer is here, this biopic of legendary rapper Tupac Shakur (played here by Demetrius Shipp Jr.) - he is  so cute!!!! - chronicles his rise to fame and untimely death at the age of 25. Directed by the legendary Benny Boom. 


In honor of "All Eyez on Me!" Let's have some Pac inspired dishes for your Fathers Day Weekend! Make a lovely dish for your father, husband or guy! Click on the link to some yummy dishes. Tell me what you think!

Hail "Bloody" Mary 


Come with me!

"How Do You Want It" Breakfast Burger

"California Love" Tacos

All "Eyez" On Me!
Chicken and Blackeye Peas

2PAC Playlist for your weekend! Enjoy!