Style and Music: Throw An Amazing Holiday Party

When it comes to style and events, DJ C. DeVone is the "it" girl! Whether she is in Vegas spinning an event with Google, or planning an event with Duran Duran in London at the Hampton Court Castle, within seconds of walking into an event, she can determine the right sound, mood, decor and food to make an event from great to spectacular.

With a client profile that reflects current Forbes listings as well as a Who's Who among celebrities and various industry executives such as Google, L'oreal, YouTube, Martha Stewart, and Intel to name a few; it comes as NO surprise as to why DJ C. DeVone is referred to as the Style and Events Expert.

Here are DJ. C. DeVone's  tips to make your intimate holiday party pop in your office or home.



The first sense to work at full speed is the visual of your event!

When decorating for the holidays-go left!! If you want tradition, but want to shake it up a bit, glitter and spray paint can work wonders!

A nice touch: spray pine combs white, silver and gold. Place in a decorative glass bowl.

Fresh flowers: I love fresh flowers. Nothing says class like a house of fresh flowers. There are tricks to decorate with fresh flowers on a budget.

Key flowers: amaryllis, poinsettia (aim for white and upgrade the vase), branches spray roses, cranberries

Add ornaments, moss, branches

Glitter Pine Cones


When being the host or just going to a party, always remember to have a statement piece. You can wear the simple number and “wow” people with a lovely necklace. I personally believe in wearing a bright color outside of red for the holidays. I love winter white! Test it out or pair your red dress with a lovely sparkly accessory!



I am a fan of little bites; however I am also a fan of being full. Presentation is everything. So with that said, mix it up. Go for the sliders (maybe spice it up with egg or jerk chicken), cheese platter, mini chicken and waffle sandwiches and crabcakes. Stay away from anything with sticks and bones! (Literally)

It leads to garbage and people having conversation with dirty napkins with chicken bones! 🙅



To fill guests with something filling and delicious, go for pasta salad, potato or rice dishes.

The internet is full of recipes- THANK GOD! On you can find fun delicious Pasta salad

Pasta salad.jpg


Music is hands downs my favorite part of any event! Getting the party started is my forte. Always see what type of mood you want versus the natural progression on the event.My biggest challange with clients can be what THEY want you to play versus what THE guest want to hear. Example: If you are not into Pop music but all of your guest want to hear Lady Gaga all night.

I am a big fan of digital radio and playlist. If you are looking for a party - Try Soundcloud where you can play some of your favorite and local DJ mixes. Some even have mixes that are over an hour long!

Spotify has great awesome playlist to go with your mood or type of party - Check out the playlist:! Party!

You can find a list for any mood, moment and event. Prep your list to have the 3 moments of your event: cocktails (when there are little guests), dinner (when the bulk of people are eating), dancing (when its time to turn it up).